Aerial duel

API eventId: 1API subeventId: 10Subtype of: Duel

Aerial duel

When two or more players from opposing teams jump to compete for the ball.

Aerial duel 457702617 An aerial duel following a corner kick


  • Aerial duels aren’t currently divided into offensive and defensive categories.
  • If there are more then two players competing for the ball at the same time, an aerial duel will be recorded for all opposing players.


Successful: Yes (API tagId: 703) / No (API tagId: 701); firsttouch in the matchevents beta API

An aerial duel is considered won in favour of the player who touches the ball first, no matter what happens next. An aerial duel that results in a foul is considered won in favour of the player who suffered a foul.

Available metrics

Aerial duels / 90 minutes

Number of aerial duels normalized per 90 minutes.

Aerial duels won (%)

Percentage of aerial duels won.