Long pass

API eventId: 8API subeventId: 83Subtype of: Pass

Long pass

A ground pass longer than 45 meters or a high pass longer than 25 meters.

Long pass  429653105 A long pass by R. Toloi


  • 75% of long passes are targeted, and about 50% are successful.


Type of Long Pass: Launch, High, Long Ground.

  • A Launch (API subeventId: 84) is a pass that doesn’t appear to have a specific target..
  • A High Pass (API subeventId: 83) is a pass that is above shoulder height and longer than 25 meters.
  • A Long Ground Pass (API subeventId: 85) is a pass that is longer than 45 meters.

The definition of a long pass includes all of the above.

Successful: Yes (API tagId: 1801) / No (API tagId: 1802)

A long pass is considered successful if the next touch of the ball is by a teammate.

Through Pass (API tagId: 901): Yes / No

Marks the pass as a Through Pass.

Available metrics

Long passes / 90 minutes

Number of long passes normalized per 90 minutes.

Accurate long passes (%)

Percentage of successful long passes.