An offence committed by a player according to law 12 (1, 3) of the IFAB Laws of the Game.

Foul 430444783 A foul by E. Garay


  • Normally a foul is penalized with a Free kick.
  • A foul committed in the penalty area (Penalty foul) is penalized by a Penalty kick.
  • A foul, when it's done in a Duel, will have a corresponding Foul suffered for the opponent player. The fouls outside of duels (i.e. Hand balls) are not considered fouls suffered for the opponent team.

Possible types

Together with a normal foul type, there are special foul types specifically tagged:

Hand ball

A foul signalled for touch the ball with a hand in unnatural position.

Violent foul

A violent action, a deliberate kick or punch of an opponent without the ball.


A foul whistled for diving, simulating a foul.

Late card

A foul whistled for commiting a foul that the referee doesn’t whistle, letting the play continue.


A foul whistled for arguing with the referee.

Out of play foul

A foul whistled out of the open play.


Successful: No

Fouls are always unsuccessful.

Card: No / Yellow (API tagId: 1702) / Red (API tagId: 1701/1703)

A value whether the foul is punished by a yellow and red card.

Available metrics

Fouls / 90

Number of fouls normalized per 90 minutes.