Dribble past

Subtype of: Defensive duel

Dribble past

An attempt to prevent an opposing player in possession of the ball to dribble past the player.

Foul suffered 617723835 Fernandinho dribbled past by C. Pulisic

Successful: Yes / No

If the defensive player stopped the progression of the attacking player with the ball and didn't commit a foul, the dribble past attempt is considered won for the defender (and the linked dribble is considered lost). See the full definition in Offensive Duel.

Examples of a won dribble past attempt:

  1. defending player dispossesses the attacker
  2. defending player kicks the ball out
  3. the attacker stays with the ball, but the defender forces him to go back

If a defending player lets the attacking player progress with the ball, it's considered a lost dribble past (and a won Dribble for the player with the ball).