Subtype of: Offensive duel


An attempt to move past an opposing player whilst trying to maintain possession of the ball.

Dribble with a take-on 438519797 Fede Valverde with a take-on

Dribble with space 473518353 Marcelo doing a dribble with space


  • The player that has the possession of the ball is using their ability in an attempt to move past the opposition player or to find a free zone for the next action (see Type).
  • When a player shields and guards the ball using his physical strength, this is not a dribble, but it is still an Offensive Duel.


Successful: Yes / No

  1. If the next action following the duel is by the same offensive player and that action is closer to the opponent’s goal, or;
  2. If the duel was a dribble and it's followed by a touch of an attacking teammate closer to the opponent goal (i.e. successful forward pass for the attacking player from a dribble), or:
  3. If the duel ended in a foul from the defensive player

The scenarios above result in a dribble won. Everything else qualifies as an dribble lost (and a won Defensive duel for a defender).

Side: Left (API tagIds 502, 503) / Right (API tagIds 501, 504)

The side that the attacking player attempts to dribble past an opponent.

Type: Take-on (API tagIds 503, 504) / Space (API tagIds 501, 502)

The Space type is used when the attacking player dribbles past an opponent to create space for his next action. The Take-on dribble is a stricter attempt to dribble past the opposite player. The dribble definition includes both these types of dribbles.

Available metrics

Dribbles / 90

Number of dribble attempts normalized per 90 minutes.

Dribbles %

Percentage of successful dribbles.