Penalty kick

API eventId: 3API subeventId: 35Subtype of: Set pieces

Penalty kick

A shot from a penalty kick as specified in law 14 of the IFAB Laws of the Game.

Penalty  423237912 A penalty kick from L. Martínez


  • Does not include postmatch penalties.
  • Includes shots missed, deliberately missed, or passes instead of a shot.


Foot: Left (API tagId 401) / Right (API tagId 402)

A foot that the player performed the penalty kick with.

Goal (API tagId: 101): Yes / No

Does the shot result in a Goal.

Zone (API tagIds: 1201-1223)


Shots on post are tagged as a shape of plt, where p replaces o of the corresponding angle. Shots on post that are scored are tagged with the corner of where they land in the goal.