Subtype of: Transition


Any Action that ends a Possession of the current team.


  • A loss is recorded at the point where the player of the team actually loses the possession of the ball. For non-passes, this would be equal to the point of his last action, but, for example, with an unsuccessful long pass, the loss will be recorded at the ending point of the pass, not at its starting point.
  • Events where the ball goes off the field off a player are, by definition, losses.
  • Every unsuccessful pass is a loss.
  • Loss is always an unsuccessful action.
  • Suffered foul, while ending a possession, is not considered a loss.


Zone: High / Mid / Low / Own Half

Based on the coordinates of the loss, the loss is awarded a zone. Low / Mid / High correspond to the thirds of the field (low is own third, high is the final third), while own half losses are all losses that happen in the own half.

Leading to opponent shot

When a loss is followed by a Shot of the opponent within 20 seconds.

Available metrics

Losses / 90

Number of recoveries losses per 90 minutes.

Own half losses / 90

Number of losses in the opponent half normalized per 90 minutes.