Hand ball

API eventId: 2API subeventId: 21Subtype of: Foul

Hand ball

A foul signalled for field player touching the ball with a hand in unnatural position.


  • Hand ball with a hand seen by the referee as in natural position and not followed by a foul is not considered a hand ball.
  • An irregular ball touch with a hand by a goalkeeper inside own penalty area (for example, after a ground pass from a teammate), which is punished by and indirect Free kick, is also tagged as a hand ball.

Goalkeper hand ball 332942255 Goalkeeper hand ball in own penalty area by D. de Gea


Successful: No

Fouls are always unsuccessful.

Card: No / Yellow (API tagId: 1702) / Red (API tagId: 1701/1703)

A value whether the foul is punished by a yellow or red card.