API eventId: 7API subeventId: 72


A touch (or missed touch) of the ball when the player is not doing a Pass or other clearly identifiable action.

Douglas Santos touching a ball 439026421 Douglas Santos touching a ball


  • A Touch can be tagged on both intentional and unintentional touches, like ball deflections (including Own goals).
  • A Touch, if there are no other actions, is tagged when the ball is received by a player who then controls a ball over a significant distance (like a Progressive run).
  • A Touch is tagged when a player crosses the line of the penalty area or the center line of the field to show his movement in significant areas.
  • A Touch is tagged when there is a change of the direction of a Pass (back or forward).


Missed: No / Missed (API tagId: 1302) / Dummy (API tagId: 1301)

  • Missed attempts to touch the ball are tagged as touches with a missed attribute (see Missed ball).
  • Dummy miss is used when the player doesn't touch ball on purpose, letting it for a teammate or trying to pass a the defender.

Míchel consciously doesnt make a touch 425973818 Míchel consciously doesn't make a touch, letting the pass go to a partner