A challenge between two players to gain control of the ball, progress with the ball or change its direction.

The duel is always a paired event, so for every offensive duel there will always be a defensive duel for another player.

Possible types

Offensive duel

A player in controlled possession of the ball (below elbow height) attempts to pass an opponent, who in turn, is trying to dispossess the player in possession.

Defensive duel

The opposite of an Offensive duel. Therefore, a player who is trying to gain possession or dispossess an opponent who is attempting to pass him whilst in controlled possession of the ball (below elbow height).

Loose ball duel

Two players from opposite teams with an equal opportunity, compete (below elbow height) to gain possession or pass/clear the ball in a favourable direction.

Aerial duel

Two or more player compete to touch the ball above elbow height (typically with their head).


  • When more than two players compete for an aerial duel, a separate set of aerial duels are tagged for every player involved from opposite teams.
  • All duels can be won or lost. The definition of won or lost differs based on the type of the duel.
  • It can happen that one of the two players cannot be identified by our operators, it this case we assign playerId=0 to one of the paired duel events.