Offensive duel

API eventId: 1API subeventId: 11Subtype of: DuelSubtypes: DribbleFoul suffered

Offensive Duel (Attacking duel)

A ground Duel for the player in possession of the ball.


  • When the attacking player uses their ability and skill in an attempt to pass an opponent, this is also a Dribble.
  • However, when the player in possession is required to protect the ball with his body, although this is an offensive duel, it is not a Dribble.
  • Offensive duels can happen anywhere on the pitch, including inside a player’s own penalty area.
  • An offensive duel is always paired to an Defensive duel from the player of another team.


Successful: Yes / No

  1. If the next action following the duel is by the same offensive player and that action is closer to the opponent’s goal, or;
  2. If the duel was a dribble and it's followed by a touch of an attacking teammate closer to the opponent goal (i.e. successful forward pass for the attacking player from a dribble), or:
  3. If the duel ended in a foul from the defensive player

The scenarios above result in an offensive duel won. Everything else qualifies as an offensive duel lost (and a won Defensive duel for a defender).

Outcome: Clearly won (API tagId 703) / Clearly lost (API tagId 701) / Neutral (API tagId 702)

A less sophisticated algorithm for defining the outcome of a duel. If the next action of the duel is one of the players in the duel, the duel is assigned a clearly won value to this player and a clearly lost value for his opponent. All other cases are neutral.

Beaten to the ball (API tagId: 601): Yes / No

A defensive player positions himself better to reach the ball first. Used together with the Anticipation attribute in a corresponding Defensive duel.

Available metrics

Offensive Duels / 90

Number of offensive duels normalized per 90 minutes.

Offensive Duels %

Percentage of successful offensive duels.