Loose ball duel

API eventId: 1API subeventId: 13Subtype of: Duel

Loose ball duel

A duel for a loose ball, when no team has clear ball possession.

Loose ball duel  0429096955 A loose ball duel between P. Ševčík and L. Messi


  • Neither of the players involved have a clear advantage of reaching/touching the ball first (otherwise this would be an offensive duel and defensive duel).
  • A loose ball duel from a player one team is always paired with a loose ball duel from a player from another team.


Sliding tackle (API tagId: 1601): Yes / No In rare cases, a loose ball duel can be also a Sliding tackle.

Available metrics

Loose ball duels / 90 minutes

Number of loose ball duels normalized per 90 minutes.