Smart pass

API eventId: 8API subeventId: 86Subtype of: Pass

Smart pass

A creative and penetrative pass that attempts to break the opposition's defensive lines to gain a significant advantage in attack.

Smart pass 459267414 A smart pass by K. De Bryune to S. Ag├╝ero


  • A smart pass is generally a short or medium length pass, but it can also be a long ground pass (see Long Pass).


Successful: Yes (API tagId: 1801) / No (API tagId: 1802)

A smart pass is considered successful if the next touch of the ball is by a teammate.

Interception (API tagId: 1401): Yes / No

Marks the pass as an Interception.

Link-up play (API tagId: 7): Yes / No

Marks the pass as a Link-up play.

Through pass (API tagId: 901): Yes / No

Marks the pass as a Through pass.

Available metrics

Smart passes / 90

Number of smart passes normalized per 90 minutes.

Accurate smart passes (%)

Percentage of successful smart passes.