Corner kick

API eventId: 3API subeventId: 30Subtype of: Set pieces

Corner kick

A corner kick served as specified in law 17 IFAB Laws of the Game.

Corner kick 217276161 Corner kick


  • Always happens after a Ball out.
  • If a referee decides to repeat a corner kick after a foul or any particular situation that happened before the corner kick was served, only the last instance of the corner kick is tagged.
  • A corner is not considered a Pass.
  • A corner that is immediately followed by a goalkeeper save or a direct goal is considered a Shot.


Height: high (API tagId 801), low (API tagId 802)

Height of a corner kick. A short-played corner would always have low height.

Scheme: Yes / No

A scheme attribute is set for a corner kick if it's played in a way that required synchronization of different player moves and appears to be pre-trained.