API eventId: 10API subeventId: 100Subtypes: GoalShot after corner


An attempt towards the opposition's goal with the intention of scoring.

Shot 422792115 Long shot from Marcelo


  • Blocked shots, penalties and direct free kicks are also considered as shots.


Successful: Yes / No

  • A shot is considered successful if it lands on target (see Zone).
  • Shots that hit the frame of the goal are not considered successful.

Goal (API tagId: 101): Yes / No

Whether the shot results in a goal.

Opportunity (API tagId: 201): Yes / No

Whether the shot presents a clear goal scoring chance (see Opportunity).

Body part: Left foot (API tagId 401) / Right foot (API tagId 402) / Head or body (API tagId 403)

The body part that is used to perform the shot. In situations where more than one body part is involved in the shot, the last one is to be used.

Zone (API tagIds: 1201-1223)


Shots on post are tagged as a shape of plt, where p replaces o of the corresponding angle. Shots on post that are scored are tagged with the corner of where they land in the goal. Blocked shots are tagged as bc (API tagId: 2101)

xG: number

The xG value of a probability of the current shot to be scored.

Available metrics

Shots, total

Number of all shots attempted in the timeframe.

Shots / 90

Number of shots normalized per 90 minutes.

Shots on target %

Percentage of shots that go on target.

Shots from danger zone

Number of shots from the danger zone. The danger area falls within the coordinates x >= 84.29 and y >= 36.29 and y <= 63.71

xG, Total

Sum of xG values of all shots in the timeframe.

xG / 90

Sum of xG values for all shots normalized per 90 minutes.

Goal conversion (%)

Percentage of shots resulted in a goal.