Goal kick

API eventId: 3API subeventId: 34

Goal kick

A goal kick according to law 16 of the IFAB Laws of the Game.

A short-played goal kick 438520506 A short pass from a goal kick


  • If a referee decides to repeat a goal kick after a foul or any particular situation that happened before the goal kick was served, only the last instance of the goal kick is considered.
  • The starting position for goal kick is not tagged, assuming it happens all the time in own penalty area.
  • A goal kick can be either a shorter pass, or a longer aerial pass, but never, by definition, a Hand pass.
  • Though most typically performed by a goalkeeper, can be technically performed by any player.


Successful: Yes (API tagId: 1801) / No (API tagId: 1802)

A goal kick is considered successful if the next touch of the ball is by a teammate.