Wyscout Index

Wyscout Index

An index (available in the Rankings app) that sorts players in a competition for each position based on their stats.

Wyscout Index Bundesliga Top 11 team according to wyscout index in Bundesliga 2019/2020

For every position, there's a set of parameters that are taken in consideration in the final ranking. Here's a sample (not exhaustive) list of top relevant stats per position.

  • Goalkeeper: Conceded goals, Goal mistakes, Saves, Shots faced, Penalty saves, Exits from the line, Pass accuracy.
  • Full-back: Accelerations, Crosses, Defensive duels won, Sliding tackles, Key passes, Clearances, Pressing attempts, Interceptions, Loose ball duels won, Dribbles won
  • Centre-back: Team conceded goals, Defensive duels won, Loose ball duels won, Interceptions, Clearances, Aerial duels won, Sliding tackles, Lost balls, Blocked shots, Yellow/red cards, Pass accuracy.
  • Defensive midfielder: Goals, Chances created, Dribbles won, Shots on target, Loose ball duels won, Assists, Passes, Through passes, Sliding tackles, Interceptions
  • Central midfielder: Goals, Chances created, Through passes, Loose ball duels won, Shots on target, Pressing attempts, Assists, Aerial duels won, Interceptions, Defensive duels won
  • Attacking midfielder: Goals, Chances created, Dribbles won, Through passes, Shots on target, Assists, Crosses, Accelerations, Loose ball duels won, Pressing attempts
  • Winger: Goals, Shots on target, Assists, Through passes, Crosses, Chances created, Acceleration, Driibles won, Loose ball duels won, Aerial duels won
  • Forward: Goals, Chances created, Through passes, Assists, Shots, Dribbles won, Shots on target, Duels won, Crosses, Link-up plays

Every stat is assigned a weight, either positive on negative. Based on this, the algorithm calculates the distribution inside a season and assigns values linearly according to minimum and maximum values in the league. For example, the goalkeeper with most goals conceded would receive -4.6 points, and the one with least goals conceded would have a zero: the value for goalkeepers in the middle would be distributed linearly.

The index is calculated a sum of statistical params multiplied by weights as described above.

The index is updated after every match played.